Innovation won't die.

Came back from my church retreat yesterday and I was trying to catch up on emails. One email from AngelList had this statement. "There’s an ongoing debate whether humans have reached “peak intelligence.”.

Later in the afternoon, I got an invite to join Clubhouse, the hot drop-in platform. I dropped in a few rooms and I just loved the idea of joining and leaving a live audio conversation.

A couple of minutes or hours later, I noticed another trending social app - Honk is going viral because it shows what person at the end is typing as he/she is doing so. It's crazy, how thrilling that is.

Thinking of about my day this evening in light of the above. I don't have a direct answer to the debate about whether humans have or will reach peak intelligence. But I know one thing for certain, the human propensity to get bored will ensure innovation never dies. 

We will always want to change dishes, fashion, tools, entertainment object/medium etc. We may be going in circles, or as we say repeat history as we see in fashion styles but one thing is certain innovation will never die.
You're absolutely right. The Tsunami of Innovation will never die. And best to make sure you're not be on the wrong side of the Tsunami by getting hooked all these new innovations lol
2020-12-25 15:17:40
I'm not sure I'm interested in seeing someone type a text message in real-time, but I think it would be interesting to watch the process as someone types a daily post. 
2020-12-25 15:58:33
I was thinking the same thing! I don't want to watch people type real time!
2020-12-25 15:59:11