Productivity....or is it?

I have been swept up in a productivity craze for ten years, and the associated technology one needs to manage this complicated life. I have been known to watch hours of YouTube videos from the so-called "productivity gurus", looking for that killer solution to organise my digital files, task lists, emails, and schedule. After many years, I settled on apps and solutions that helped me manage my digital life efficiently. Key to the answer has been the need to keep it simple and a need to have integration and availability across all my devices.

Equipped with my shiny new solution, I became one of those productivity gurus, ready to conquer the world. So I started with the family. "I can solve your productivity problems, look at me....look at me!" 

As it turned out, they wanted nothing to do with it. It wasn't what was needed, it was too complicated, too hard to learn, and too many moving parts. So I scurried off back to my hidey-hole to wonder what went wrong. 

On reflection, they had a different set of problems to solve, and my killer solution couldn't solve them. Our digital life is not always about 1's and 0's, but more how technology enhances our non-digital life, and this is one thing a productivity guru still can't solve.
Wow Peter! I was smiling so wide reading the first paragraph. Because I couldn't ever imagine you doing this. I thought watching productivity Youtube was just for lameos with no life balance like me and
. Thank you for sharing.

2021-02-11 15:28:15