Break through to Easy Streaks

Remember when streaks were hard?

Remember when you'd think - wow! How does that person get to hundreds of days of similar effort - their life must be boring af.

Here's how I broke through.

I prioritize my writing to get it done when my energy is optimal. Some days, it's coffee then writing. Today it was tea. A Yorkshire Gold tea bag steeped in 7-ish ounces of water for four minutes as I sit down with a single browser tab open and start typing.

Today, I started with 750 words before finishing and moving over to Then, I had a playful tête-à-tête with
in the Fuck Brian Ball - in which we're both accumulating results that some might call a streak.

The point is not the streak. The outcome is not the point. Priorities and the capacity for work are what make a streak reveal itself. 

Engineer your context and the outcomes will flow from them as easily as water flows from rain through a public water filtration system into the filters in our fridge and out into our cups.

Drink freely of work and the sweat of your effort will become the reward.

lol another bug. You copied and pasted a link to the notification. I remember
did this once too. The notification link is authorized only for Brian ball so when we try to access it it says FUCK YOU 403. I'll have this fixed soon! I'm working on massive notifications improvements right now. a lot of them based on your suggestions.

2021-02-11 17:39:39
I also love that my first post on here regarding
is titled Welcome Brian Ball how things have changed

2021-02-11 17:42:02
Btw, the fridge filters are terrible and the Brita pitchers are not much better. 
2021-02-11 18:25:22