Media freeze

From midnight, Victoria will go into a five-day, stage four lockdown, in an attempt to control a coronavirus outbreak from hotel quarantine. Limiting people's movement in the community will give the contact tracing teams some time to catch all of the infected people and hopefully put an end to the outbreak.

Though most of the population gets on with the lockdown, many people are impacted. This Sunday is Valentine's Day, and the restaurants of Melbourne were booked out. They will all now be closed and lose trade from one of the busiest days of the year. Retail shops will be shut, and only supermarkets will remain open. The rush to hoard toilet paper is on again, and the supermarkets have quickly set limits on many essential items.

I get that a lot of people will be impacted by a lockdown. However, many interest groups are complaining about how the lockdown will affect them. The politicians from the opposition are bleating that the government have got it all wrong, again. Not only do I have to endure lockdown, but I also have to listen to people carrying on about it.

It's doing my head in. So, from midnight tonight, I am imposing a media freeze for myself. No mainstream media, and no social media. Time to do some more writing instead.
Nice. You're treating shitty information like infected information and locking them out!
2021-02-12 13:09:24