Amazon Prime Day

"You do Amazon Prime Day?"

"I'll browse around but I'm not expecting much. I think since they've been doing it I had one good year. Most of the time the 'deals' aren't really deals if you look closely."

"I heard you can get good deals on electronics."

"All depends on what you're looking for. I mean, if you happen to be looking for something that's on sale, it's great. Otherwise, they just want you to spend money on shit you don't need. At this point, who doesn't have an Instapot by now? Yet there it is front and center every year."

"You can also get a deal on a robot vacuum."

"If I didn't have a maid, I'd have a robot vacuum."

"I had a hard time searching for stuff."

"See no time to be paging through random deals. And I don't know if I'd be interested in something until I see it. So I usually browse by category."

"Baby supplies then?"

"Yah right. At this point, if my dick betrayed me like that it would be grounds for a permanent decommission."

"How would you accomplish that?"

"Oh, I'd find a way."

"I saw all kinds of weird stuff when I was looking."

"I'm sure Prime Day is an excuse to showcase all the crap inventory that hasn't sold. And many of the products aren't even a good deal. You know my stance on discounts."

"Yep, I heard the lecture a thousand times."

"So are buying anything or not?"

"I haven't seen anything earth-shattering, but the day is still young."
This should be a Prime Video Original

Would be so meta
2022-07-12 19:43:00