Back on that improv, been away for awhile. I know improve comedy is kind of lame.  But it has something very theoretically beautiful to it. Similar to Jazz but more approachable. Could be a less cool jazz. The acapella version of standup comedy. 

In it though the whole idea is to listen, and accept what people are saying, and then go off of that making the whole much different and complex than what someone would make a scene alone. 

Really nice message, almost summer campy, but something is nice about, and maybe I am  coming from a research point of view. How to generate new ideas and all that. But this back and forth is so great, almost like brainstorming but in a direction. Feels like a nice conversation. But also in a community context this view that everyone matters and carries the story or carries the scene. 

The final thing I like about it is you celebrate failing, at the end everyone goes around says something that didn’t go right and then everyone cheers. In a scene this happens a lot though you missed and cue or what someone said and you do something brings things to a halt. But this kind of short memory for mistakes doesn’t allow you to 

Overall it’s nice