Don't change your password on a Friday

"What's with the notifications to change my password? Every time I turn around my password is about to expire and I have to reset it."

"That's the company policy. Change password every 30 days."

"So annoying. And same with the lock-out time. Four minutes?!? Give me a break."

"I already asked the question at the last town hall. They aren't changing that. My guess is there was some security breach and now they have zero tolerance."

"We really need a corporate password manager. I have 1Password and it's great for all my personal accounts. I'm not going to co-mingle it with work passwords. We should have a separate one that the company provides. Until then, I use OneNote to keep track of my passwords."

"Put that in the suggestion box. And whatever you do, don't change your password on a Friday."

"Why not?"

"Because if you change your password late on a Friday, you maybe only use it once or twice, and then you don't use it again until Monday so you'll forget. Then it's a nightmare doing password reset."

"Well, I'll keep it in OneNote in case I forget."

"How are you going to get into OneNote if you can't remember your Windows password?"

"Oh yah. Well, I'll just write it down then."

"Be sure to clearly label the credentials and might as well put the sticky note on the laptop so anyone passing by will know exactly how to log in."