The masked singer

There's some show called The Masked Singer, where "celebrities" don costumes and judges try to guess who they are. I say "celebrities" because I think they've gone all the way down to F-list at this point.

I started pondering why no artist has decided to sing while wearing a facemask. After all, we all remember the "face mask period" during the pandemic. You would think at least one artist would want his own gimmick. I think the country artist Orville Peck might be the closest one to my idea.

Perhaps you might say that singers wouldn't want to disrupt their voices in any way, and they would sound terrible with a mask. Quite frankly, several of them sound terrible without masks. Some of these non-names need auto-tune, and even then, you can't understand them. They are singing like they have marbles in their mouths, which was brilliantly parodied by Weird Al Yankovic during his rendition of Smells Like Nirvana.

I'm reminded of a time when the Spice Girls were a big thing (remember them?). They were doing a press tour, and some reporter asked them what does "Girl Power" mean? The redhead blurted out, "It means having balls!" With her accent, it sounded like she was saying that with a mouth full of them. How ironic.