Ode to Rainbows

There is something about a rainbow. That I get caught totally off guard. Its so strange, a grey boring sky lit up, all of a sudden, by a arc of colors. I can't image what people must of thought back in the day. Like before they had fire, or even before they knew what a germ was. I can't imagine the surprise. Maybe most of the days you understand the sun comes up it goes down, then there is the moon. But a rainbow, how can you explain that. How can you make a view of the world, then see that and be like, well that, of course its...

Its still is so strange to me that we put up with it, we made up stories and all this about magic, leprechauns and unicorns, I bet there are more in different cultures. But it is still so strange. Even the physics behind it. I don't think that if someone explained that water sometimes scatters and reflects light I would never imagine that it would look like that. 

I feel like we are too chill about it, or too immune to it, or something. Its too strange not to say anything. 
Isn't it because we were raised to consume and absorb as much systemic knowledge as possible because that's how we were trained to 'get ahead'?
2022-07-26 14:38:29