Promising productivity vs promising something else

The value propositions of most apps are easily tangible. A dashboard promising to increases writers' visibility into engagement levels or a unified app that allows marketers to control multiple email and social media accounts from a single solution.

When it comes to apps serving writers it's unsurprising that this same approach is taken. Founders try to create products that deliver an immediately visible promise. A streak tracker tied to a word counter that helps the writer visualize their consistency or a reminder notification that pings them that they're about to run out of time to maintain their streak.

I like to categorize these visible features under the category of productivity features because they attempt to deliver outcomes by increasing productivity / decreasing distractions taking away from that productivity.

When trying to craft a feeling of place and community, having productivity features although required isn't enough by themselves. Simply showing a writer their consistency and nudging them to write everyday might be enough for a busy writer who's main struggle in writing is not the writing itself but rather something external like scheduling. But from my experience I was never someone who needed more productivity and scheduling to help me write. That wasn't the bottleneck.

For me what has always cleared the throughput for writing has been a sense of community. With trying to experiment with Adagia Tribes, I'm attempting to create utility tool for writers to facilitate their own writing communities/places. My hypothesis is that such intangible feature that is not a productivity feature but rather dont-have-a-word-yet feature is what will lead to a writer writing more of the stuff that they want to write. The kind of writing they look back on and cherish.

This is great. Don't-have-a-word-yet is ironically the perfect word (words) for the solutions & pieces of work that tend to work the best / resonate the most... precisely because don't-have-a-word-yet works make things we previously  cherished but struggled to think about/capture captureable and invokeable. 
2021-02-15 16:10:55

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