everything is gonna...

In his song Three Little Birds, Bob Marley sings about three birds perched at his doorstep that sing to him, “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be alright.’

Whenever the world feels chaotic, I gravitate towards this song — not because it’s some magic wand that can wave away my woes but because, between the instrumentals and the lyrics, the song gives me some solace. 

Music can have a transformative effect on people in much the same way a good book, film, or talk can. They may not directly alter our reality, but they can meaningfully alter how we feel and respond to our reality. 

When you listen to the song, maybe you’ll find yourself able to worry just a little bit less — maybe you’ll feel just a little more confident in your ability to respond to present challenges. 

Even when your plate feels completely full, it doesn’t hurt to briefly lose yourself in music. If anything, you’ll come back reinvigorated and more ready to take on life as a result. 

> Music can have a transformative effect on people in much the same way a good book, film, or talk can.

What i like about these different mediums is in the different manners that they transform.

I know for me the transformative effects of 
feel very in the moment. Like i'm experiencing something very truthful about life that I couldn't see before finally unfold.

With a book it feels slower. Like. relationship that I have with a person I'm living with.
2022-07-26 14:28:20
Oh and this used to be one of my favorite songs in high school when I was just getting into seriously downloading music beyond what i heard on the radio
2022-07-26 14:36:11
Hell yeah you already know!

What'd you use?

I also used 
 and i believe also something called Frostwire for a bit?
2022-07-26 22:30:24
I heard of Kazaa, not sure I got to use it.

But boy, I used the hell out of LimeWire..Lmao

Downloaded Sean Paul, Rihanna, Jojo ft Bow Wow and etc.

LimeWire was everything back in the day. 
2022-07-26 22:37:31