What Instagram and Nigerian Government Share in Common

The Head of Instagram posted a message on Twitter. Apparently, the Kardashians had complained about the app. IG users don't want video. IG says users only engage with video content. IG users say, of course, they engage with videos because the algorithm never shows pictures. 

So, it's a game of "you're accusing me of doing what you're forcing me to do."

The Nigerian government reduces how much FX banks can sell. Reduces the amount of dollars we can spend on our regular debit cards. Then goes around to complain that Nigerians' pursuit of dollars on the black market is the reason for a weak naira. 

The naira is about to hit 700 Naira to a dollar and I can't but laugh as I type this. Blaming the people for what you're forcing them to do has to be a new kind of stupid. It's either crack or pure evil.

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