I fast every Wednesday. I don't eat until 8 pm.

Some Wednesdays, my energy is high and I'm just breezing through work. Since there's no food or drink break, I start working in the morning and I don't leave my desk until I'm going for prayers by 4 pm.

Some Wednesdays, I wake up not wanting to do anything. Super lazy. Just wanting to sleep or scroll the phone. Today was one of such Wednesdays. 

I really can't place the reason for inconsistency yet.
I'm more curious about how Thursday goes if you're eating at 8 PM Wednesday.
2022-08-03 21:43:37
But if you don't eat do you drink at least ?
2022-08-08 20:55:19
Yeah, sometimes I drink. Most times I don’t. 
2022-08-11 19:51:49

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