January Decisions Lead to March Opportunities

People who make New Year's resolutions and break them - aren't making resolutions. They're making statements about hope and desire. A resolution is not a future-looking definition. We're using the word incorrectly.

A resolution statement might include: I want to lose 10 lbs this year.
At anypoint in the year, if you lose 10lbs, you have now completed a resolution. Your resolve has turned your resolution statement into a resolution. It has resolved.

In mid-January, I got back on the bike. It'd been years since I trained properly and the reason for stopping was lame at best. I just figured I could do other things with my time. I did do other things with my time, none of which benefitted me as well as spending time on the bike.

Exercise is good for the soul. Fresh air, outside movement, seeing other people exercising, and feeling the energy of acceleration through time and space make for a great activity. It's an excellent form of physical maintenance and therapy.

Getting back on the bike in January was good because now I've ridden 30 days in 32. I've had a couple days off and will not be ordering the $80 #teamstreak jersey any time soon. Sometimes you need a rest. Sometimes you don't feel like riding. These are great times to trust yourself.  When you make a decision that feels right, it will probably work out well in the end.

In January I didn't make a resolution to get back on the bike, I decided to ride that day. Then, each day of riding after that was preceded by the same decision: "I'll ride today." Inevitably, I'm getting strong. My calf-muscles are reclaiming their shape. My strength has me pushing bigger gears. I'm feeling like March could be a good opportunity to get out and get some longer rides in. 

The accumulation of daily decisions is to starting to pay off. Stay tuned to learn which seeds of opportunity were actually planted every day since January.
You won't share the seeds of january now? lol we have to stay tuned?!!!??

btw where can we purchase these 80 dollar #TeamStreak shirts?
2021-02-16 20:01:26
Happy to see that are you enjoying being back on the (horse) bike. 
2021-02-17 13:33:41