Silver Bullet

The euphoria of a new productivity app, a new gadget, a new book, a newfound guru could be so thrilling.
You almost think it would solve your problems, especially if you've wanted that thing for a long time.
Someone said we tend to overestimate what we've lacked for so long. Almost to the point, it's easy to fall into the delusion that having that one thing will solve all your problems.
No, it isn't.
No single thing will solve all your problems.
Not marriage. Not a new partner. Not a new car. Not any single thing.
That single thing will arrive with its joy. But it's just a piece in the grand scheme of things. It's still your job to put pieces together and find happiness in all, together.
Would all of them solve all your problems?
That's a question no one can answer for you.
I've had a thought about this while climbing the stairs just 90 minutes earlier.

What I consider a silver bullet are tricks or hacks that have somehow broken the rules of the game so that you have enormous returns on investment so long as that environment remains in that state.

I believe in the early to mid 2010s advertising on Facebook was one of the marketing/advertising silver bullets. Now it's not since the environment has changed.

The thought I had while climbing the stairs was that it's quite beauitful that life actually has no silver bullets. Because even though we act like we want silver bullets to life, I argue that deep down we don't. Because if life had a silver bullet that would mean that it wasn't this beautiful complex phenomenon that is beyond us. Finding a silver bullet to life would mean that it wasn't so great afterall.
2020-12-28 01:56:55
Yeah, I think i'd rather call the FB ads in 2010 "asymmetric opportunities" and some are even just for a time period. And they actually do not solve all your problems. Maybe money and users problem and that's all. 

I agree to that, if life had Silver bullets, it would be so boring we might have more suicides. 
2020-12-28 22:19:09