New idea. Good idea. Public Idea.

Working with Craig on a thing he started called the Daily Visual. It's a cohort of people playing in Figma or other drawing app to bring images to the thinking process. The daily part feels like a workout. The Visual part is little more than clever line and color to stoke the imagination.

Today, in chat, we agreed we wanted to play faster.  The Daily Visual has solid energy — but it isn't max excitement. We both want the kind  of project you'd go head down for and lose track of time. This kind of project you break streaks for when you haven't maintained your streak before closing browser tabs.

Today's idea is Bird in Public. The value prop is short. Use Twitter intentionally for 30 days as part of a cohort. The goal is for members to find their voice. The beauty of the idea is that it's not hard to understand. If you're on Twitter - you can feel the raw power but have little idea how to harness it. The very first email Twitter sends to welcome you, funnily enough,  links you to: How to be a Twitter Pro.

Luckily, nobody reads that email and people start Twitter thinking it's about them — myself included. Thus the need for Bird in Public.
I am happy to be a part of this new cohort. I have no idea what I'm doing on Twitter, so perhaps I am your ideal customer.
2021-02-18 13:37:32
This kind of project you break streaks for

2021-02-18 14:25:34
"This kind of project you stop in the middle of sex for" sounds much more impressive. 🤣
2021-02-18 14:32:22
Can't be that good of a project if you have to stop in the first place
2021-02-18 14:34:01
Brandon - welcome to the cohort. No need to break streaks -- if you get your streaking done in the morning - or willing to do it at all hours -- like I did with a 40-minute bike ride around the city last night at 11pm.
2021-02-18 18:01:01
11 PM!? I was already starting my second sleep cycle. 😴
2021-02-18 18:05:35