Frequent Flyer

Business travel for me has all but dried up, primarily as a result of the coronavirus. With no business trips, I now need to spend money to earn my frequent flyer points. 

In the good old days, I did a lot of interstate travel for work. Often it would be a day trip to Sydney, on other trips I might be away for 3-4 days. I built a bountiful treasure of frequent flyer points as a result. As my tally of frequent flyer points grew, I also gained status. It didn't take me long to move to gold status, which turned out to be very valuable.

Two things I didn't particularly like when I was travelling for work was having to sit in a departure lounge waiting for a plane and queueing at the gate to get onto the plane.

My gold status with the frequent flyer program availed me free access to the airport lounge, where I could wait in comfort for my departure. There was also a priority queue at the departure gate for the gold status members, so I would make my way down to the gate at the last minute, and step straight onto the plane. If I found myself at the airport well before my scheduled departure, I could often change to an earlier flight at no cost. These benefits made travelling for work so much more pleasant.

With no recent travel, my status has reverted to bronze. The heady days of free lounge membership and priority queues are no more. I will have to join the rest of the punters in the departure lounge from now on.
I've watched my travel status erode as well. I don't think I, personally, will ever go back to regular business travel even if the industry at large embraces it once again.
2021-02-18 13:41:25
Shouldn't these travel status things be relative? As in if you two are both travelling more frequently than the other people they would still consider you gold? Seems unfair to measure you guys against pre-covid measuring sticks.

Though they're prob suffering too much to care about that lol
2021-02-18 23:38:19
You have to travel to earn, and usually, once you get status it's only good for the following year unless you travel enough to re-up.
2021-02-18 23:55:35