All coming together

I pretty much went to some basics in PHP and Laravel this week. And everything seems to be coming together. SOLID principles now seem to make sense. Not because of the style, it actually makes the codebase readable and understandable.

All my learnings in the last two years seem to be making sense now.

The key to getting very good with Laravel is getting good with OOP. For someone like me who is self-taught, this is a revelation. If the "first principles" of Laravel is Object-Oriented Programming then visiting the basics of OOP often isn't a bad idea.

And, Carbon, Carbon is so good.

I'm so excited.

I'm learning and I'm so embarrassed by some of my Controllers. I guess that comes with learning.

I'll have the opportunity to put all my learnings to practice with Bobbin (a project I'm working on).

I hope to document Bobbin just like 
is documenting Adagia.
We're pretty in sync with the software design realizations that we are having.

Thing I love about Laravel code bases -- the real good ones -- is that the engineers do such a good job of organizing. And I've realized that this is because they use patterns as a tool not as the rule.

Like Taylor only will follow a certain pattern so long as it makes good sense. Once it's not a good fit he's not going to just follow the GPS's orders into the grand canyon like some developers like to claim they do, proudly, on Stack Overflow lol. 

2021-02-18 23:25:50
I think the same thing with the streak. If you want to get good at something then you better streak... but just having a streak isn't enough. You got to have something deeper that drives you to streak without streaking being the thing.
Streak as a tool, not the rule. But if you ain't streaking then you ain't shit.

2021-02-18 23:26:47
You nailed it... they use patterns as a tool not as a rule. 

Upon my realization the first thing I did was to re-read Laravel Cloud and codebases. 

Design patterns makes the codebase so so readable and I can imagine it must have been a joy to code (I didn’t say easy lol) 
2021-02-19 00:17:05
Yeah right, right about the streak 

Just like business success ain’t a worthy goal in itself. Just be someone who’s learning how to spot and capture value. Then the business succes will take care of itself 
2021-02-19 00:19:07
Did someone mention the Grand Canyon because I hear that university has a best-in-class Laravel program.
2021-02-19 02:55:13
Taylor Otwell himself teaches this course. I think it's worth the money!

FYI Otwell created laravel.

PS I love that Brandon Wilson now uses the word Laravel
2021-02-19 14:38:10