You probably have at least one thing that you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t: starting a project, catching up on a book, following up with a friend, finishing a project. 

Deferral is a sneaky species of inertia because it can string you along in perpetuity with the belief that the work will eventually happen: No, I can’t get to this now. But I will make progress sometime later (unspecified) and that’s what matters. 

At best picking later just delays the work and at worst it prevents it from ever happening. 

Here’s how to shut the inertia down: courageously resolve to do the thing you’ve been meaning to do today. Or better yet, choose to do it now. 

The moment you do start, three things happen: an unprecedented amount of momentum is built, deferring becomes a less palatable option, and the odds of crossing the chasm tip considerably in your favor. 

In the future could you share instances of a time when you chose to defer?
2021-02-21 15:16:23