Knowledge is more than awareness

This post is supposed to be a reply to this post, but for some reason, I couldn't see the reply-as-a-post button.

But here's my point about knowledge. Awareness isn't just knowledge. The knowledge cycle isn't complete until you have experiential proof.

The ancient Hebrew guys were kind of smart. The same word used for knowledge is the very same word they used for sexual intercourse. They would describe it as "to know by experience".

It's interesting.

We all know knowledge is more than the awareness of facts or the map. But somehow, we don't reckon it that way in our conversations. We somehow separate "knowing" and "doing". But the truth is you actually don't "know" until you've experienced it. Just the Hebrew guys figured out.

So be wary of the excitement awareness of facts/maps bring, knowing fully well that the zero to one of knowledge isn't complete until you "do".

NB: I think this is more of a personal head ping pong really, if it makes sense to you, great!
Are you allowed to reply with a post to your own original post? Seem like that would be matter mixed with anti-matter. You reminded me of one of my favorite replies when someone says, "Oh yah I knew her." My response, "Biblically?"
2021-02-21 23:14:26
I hide the 'reply' button when you're on your own post. I think you've uncovered use-case for a self-reply though although i'll name it  something different like 'build-upon' etc.

This over indexing on maps and facts as knowing is what makes everyone sign up for a million ecourses, not do their actual thing, and then be in the same place years later. 

We like to tell ourselves that this next ecourse or blog post that we read or the next stream of tweets or the next Youtube video or the next GARY VEE or TONY ROBBINS video is going to  be educational or motivational but we're just bsing our selves. We just want to become more quickly who we want to become but don't want to do the thing required to become and to actually know. 

2021-02-22 13:49:53
, I'm curious to know how many people have punched in you in the face for that question?... LOOOL

, yeah right, and then there's this false satisfaction one get from consuming such content. You just feel good and satisfied even though you've done nothing. It's
2021-02-22 20:39:18
Well surely if they understand the question they would turn the other cheek...
2021-02-22 20:42:03