Greatness. Mastery. Stephen Curry.

There's a video (click this text) of Stephen Curry in practice where he did over five minutes of shooting without a miss. That's over 100 NBA 3 pointers in a row.

Now, when you see such greatness there are two ways to react to it. Just two ways. No middle ground, just two! Either you're celebrating greatness or you hate on it. Remarks like "now he needs to transfer that to a real game as that what counts" is not just inane, it's hate. I, for one, do not dismiss genius. I think it's stupid to do that. Even if it's an evil genius, still acknowledge the genius after you've pointed out the evil.

A fellow asked what's the equivalent of such mastery in other fields. Someone called it "flow state", another said "Chris Nolan blockbuster doing $1B+ global sales every three years". I'm a new Chris Nolan convert, I agree with that.

There's an awe that comes with watching a master practice. For me, the first thing I say is "so, this is humanly possible".

Greatness inspires. Whether in practice sessions or in the arena.

Take a bow, Stephen Curry.
I like this more morally neutral perspective of greatness. Earlier you viewed conviction in this light. Convicted people are neither good or bad absolutely. And greatness -- even though it has the word great in it -- doesn't guarantee great morality. It's just about craft, dedication, and vision.

Is there a formula for it? Because both examples you listed Nolan and Curry have been doing their thing for so. damn. long! 

Like you need to go watch Nolan's first film. Humbling to compare that to his recent work.
2020-12-27 15:07:23
I saw that video and was in awe. When it comes to three-pointers, I'm not sure there has ever been anyone better in the NBA. Sure, people will always point out that what matters is what you do during a game. I like to see examples of someone honing a raw talent to the point of true mastery. Nolan lost me with his intentional sound shenanigans. The voice of Bane in one of his Batman movies was truly awful. After reading several reviews of his latest movie, I'm not in a rush to watch it. 
2020-12-27 16:42:40