Would you do it again?

Every journey has peaks and valleys — times when things appear to be going well and other times where your fortitude to persist is truly challenged. 

Given the precious and finite nature of your time, it is not unusual to wonder about the peaks and valleys you’ve gone through and ask ‘is this journey worth it?’.

Consider this question as a potentially powerful litmus test for the worthiness of the work: would you do it again?

Whether you are trying to understand the core merit of a business endeavor, a relationship, or a project, you will find in many cases that your gut response to this question easily outperforms any balance sheet or exhaustive lists of pros and cons. 

Replies to Would you do it again?
The timing of that question is important. Just like
shared earlier about his most recent venture and the big sale there were times when he was just asking himself what the hell am i even doing this for? 

When writing this.... when were some times you were expecting someone to be asking themselves this question?

2021-02-28 23:38:51
I have a post in the queue about the semantics of a mission and how it's forces us to clarify our why. 

Re: specific instances I had in mind -- essentially any moment in life that feels pivotal (significant investment, no turning back... or at least hard to): this could be a career change, the decision to join in a life-time union with a partner, etc.

Nietzsche's eternal recurrence I think basically poses this same question. HIs words are much more chilling though--something akin to at what point would you consider the demon at your bed a God, etc.
2021-03-01 21:00:46