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So much for Joe Rogan 2020-12-07 18:52:08

On November 25, Joe Rogan tweeted that starting December 1st, all new JRE episodes will be exclusively on Spotify. I confirmed this is true when I checked my podcast app Overcast and saw that the last episode available was #1571 released on 11/27.

The internet was buzzing over the weekend when people discovered that most of the JRE episodes have been removed from YouTube. I don't think people expected to lose all the old episodes in this transition.

I have Apple Music and no reason to switch to Spotify just for Joe Rogan so that's the end of that. I still have plenty of other podcasts to listen to.

This is a sign that the golden age of podcasts is ending. The wild west of getting podcasts "wherever you get your podcasts" for free is sadly coming to an end. Unfortunately, podcasts may follow the same pattern as other streaming media as more and more big players put their content behind paywalls or subscription services.

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Your take on the golden age interests me. To some influencers -- like Gary Vee -- I suspect that they'd argue that Rogan is an example of the Golden Age now finally coming into play. They'd point to the numbers and stuff.

What you seem to consider golden age is equal opportunity and openness? I too think that we are coming to a new darker age when it comes to not only audio content but also written content.
2020-12-07 19:30:13
Yes, I suppose the question is golden age for whom? I was coming at it from the consumer side. I have lots to say on the topic.
2020-12-07 19:55:53