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Life Hacks: Money Savers 2021-01-27 01:12:09

Chapter 5: Money Savers
  • If you bought something on Amazon and the price goes down within thirty days, you can email them and they will send you the difference.
  • When ordering coffee, ask for a medium in a large cup. The baristas will have to estimate the amount in a medium, so you usually get more coffee than what you pay for.
  • When grocery shopping, the cheapest items will be on the top and bottom shelves, not at eye level.
  • will give you coupons for each item on your shopping list.
  • Target will price match Amazon.
  • Download the Apple free app of the week even if you don't need it. You can delete it and re-download it whenever you want for free.
  • When a price at Costco ends in $.97, it's their clearance price and that's the lowest it will ever go.
  • If a Duracell battery leaks and destroys one of your devices, the company will replace the device if it's sent to them with the defective batteries still in place.
  • When going over 40mph, it is more economical to have the windows up and AC on. While driving under 40mph, the opposite is true.
  • If you have an ".edu" email address, you can get a free Amazon Prime account.
  • If you want to get a new laptop, phone, or other electronic device, get it in October.
  • On, you can play almost every Super Nintendo game for free.
  • When buying something from Craigslist, use a fake email address to lowball the seller by a lot. Then, using your regular email address, offer a reasonable but still lower price. People will usually go for the second offer.
  • Grocery stores stack their products by sell-by date, which means the oldest food is in the front. Make sure to always grab food from the back.
  • If you buy a bag of Starbucks coffee and return the empty bag, they will give you a free 12-ounce cup of coffee.
  • You can buy gift cards at up to 35% off their value from
  • To save money when you shop, don't touch anything. Touching an item makes you more likely to buy it.

7 things you should know before booking a flight:
1. Use your browser's incognito tab or delete your history every time you go online to check flight rates. The prices actually go up when you visit a site multiple times.
2. Six to eight weeks before you want to depart is the cheapest time to buy.
3. The cheapest days to buy tickets are Tuesday and Wednesday.
4. The cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
5. Sunday is usually the most expensive day to fly.
6. Prices change up to three times per day.
7. Discount ticket sales are usually offered at the beginning of the week.

Taken from the book Life Hacks by Keith Bradford

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Boo on the Starbucks 'hack'. Just buy your own coffee. lol
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