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AutoSave screwed me 2020-12-15 16:35:27

In a situation last week, NOT having AutoSave screwed me much to the chagrin of
. AutoSave is a must-have when writing on the web. The AutoSave that screwed me was the one rolled out to Microsoft products within the last couple of months. 

I've been using Microsoft Word and Excel for over 25 years. During all that time, we did not have an AutoSave feature (to my knowledge). My habit has always been to remember to save a document and operate as if what I'm doing will not be saved. I've become a master of the Save As command, modifying documents and then saving them as new documents. If I make changes that I don't want to save, I just close the document without saving and re-open it. 

Enter this new AutoSave feature, which has screwed me on more than one occasion. It's fine for updating documents, but terrible when I want to create new documents from old ones. I need to remember to click Save a Copy every time, otherwise, all my new changes will be automatically saved. My colleague has been screwed by AutoSave many times as well. 

I see there is the option to turn AutoSave off, but for some reason, it keeps getting turned back on with my client's laptop. For my other client, I have successfully kept AutoSave turned off and avoided being screwed. 

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That fucking title. Lol okay now i will read the rest of the post.
2020-12-15 16:43:32
Wouldn't you only need to hit 'save a copy' initially? After that wouldn't the autosave link up with the copy?

Also I'm from the old guard as well where I just instinctively hit the hotkeys for saving. I find myself doing that on the web even and get the browser's pop up window for saving a webpage as.
2020-12-16 00:31:30
Yes, I have to get in the habit to hit Save a Copy every time. Or just turn AutoSave off and live dangerously.
2020-12-16 00:37:31