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Enough with the lazy writing 2020-12-17 14:38:02

I have decided that there are certain types of headlines for which I will never click on the story. They contain the following phrases:

"...the Twitterverse explodes."

"...and Twitter is not having it."

"...and Twitter erupted."

I guess it boils down to any headline with Twitter in it.

What these "stories" usually entail is someone writing a few sentences to introduce the topic, and the remainder of the article is just a bunch of quotes from Twitter. 

Who cares?

Why do I care about what a bunch of no-names and non-names are spouting off about on Twitter? 

In grade school, I remember learning about the literary concept of personification. Personification is when attributes or qualities of a person are attributed to something non-human. These "stories" are attempting to personify Twitter, as if it is a singular voice (and somehow the final word) on any matter.

I chuckle at people who say they cannot stay focused or productive because they are spending too much time on Twitter. I go there to post a link to my newsletter once a week and then I leave. I don't even pay attention to how many followers I have. I also chuckle at the people who tell me I'm missing out on something. If Twitter suddenly disappeared, I would be no worse for the wear. But the lazy writers would need a new source for their antics.

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Funny that you attribute the laziness to personification. I agree with you that it's lazy, but I attribute it human-routerization.

I can't recall a succinct term like personification so I made this one up. 

It describes how people stop leveraging the thing that makes their message unique -- their perspective -- and instead they defer nearly the entirety of their message to another source. In this case Twitter. They've become a router -- a conduit -- for whatever is happening on Twitter and that's what makes it lazy.
2020-12-17 17:43:18
I didn't intend to make a direct correlation between laziness and personification. Perhaps, "Router" is a better term for those people because I do not consider them writers if that's all they do.
2020-12-17 17:46:20
Let's build a daily routing habit. All it takes is 200 Twitter Summaries a day. No bots allowed you actually have to type it though.
2020-12-17 18:07:14