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Documenting Adagia

ProtoIdea for social-streaks 2020-12-21 15:42:22

I've always found the social component of 200WAD as its main driver of consistency. Baz even wrote some extra features for
's TeamStreak, which included writers who had a minimum of 30 days on their current writing streak. But 200WAD's streak was a single site-wide one. It was a good thought/prototype experiment, but i think it could've gone further with iteration.

An idea I'm toying is social-streak: streaks that you share with other writers based on how long you've been consistent.

How would this differ from TeamStreak? TeamStreak had a single parameter. Have you written for more than 30 days consistently? Also there was only one team for the entire site.

Social Streaks would let you know who you've been writing together with and for how long. For example I might have wrote with Brandon for the past 8 days while
, Brandon, and I have wrote together for one day. In this scenario I'd be a part of two different social-streaks. One for 8 days and the other for only 1. 

My mind is already brimming with all the possibilities that social-streaks would enable. But I'll wait to share them after the bare bones feature is implemented. 

Thanks for reading! I know that I'm going to want to continue documenting the site's features more and more to keep you in the loop, but I don't want these updates to litter the feed. So soon these posts will be on its own separate blog or journal type page that only the nerds who are interested in what's to come can go and read. 

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Documenting Adagia

ProtoIdea for social-streaks
Sounds cool,
how do you track social writing at the moment?
2020-12-25 00:19:21
There's really no social tracking right now. 

I've just begun working on a Tribe feature that will allow you to write privately in your tribe. Tribes may have just two, three, maybe four? writers in them and their purpose is to band likeminded people together to help each other write more finished-content -- like books or evergreen articles. 

Writing with the Tribe is different because you are all sharing more messy work with each other. Everything is a lot more in the air. There's less pressure to 'publish' a post like 200WAD had and what we currently have in our feed. 
2020-12-25 15:02:00
Wows, that pretty cool. Tribe is a smart concept, it would really help push people to write more finished content

I'd love to be in Water Tribe...lol
2020-12-25 22:47:05