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Treating the calendars and clocks as they were time itself 2020-12-20 22:03:10

We are impermeant yet have infinite ambition. This makes us obsess over our representations of time. A clock on the wall. The time on your smart phone or laptop. A calendar telling you that it's been ten years since XXYYZZ event. 

I think through this dance between our experienced realities and the instruments that help quantify our experiences, a lot of us lose sight of what seconds, minutes, and hours actually are. A lot of us often go much of life not knowing what a lifespan is. 

We begin to spend more time looking at the clock and calendar rather than at what's in front of us. We stop living a life that happens to take time, and start to planning by time how our lives should unfold. But it's tough. Not saying it's wise to throw out all conceptions and representations of time out the window because they are imprisoning us. That won't make us any more free.

Because time truly is finite. Best to learn how to ilk the best life out of it, without having it get in the way of life itself.

The map appears to us more real than the land.
D.H. Lawrence

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I think the tricky part of the time is how our perception of it changes with circumstances. Time keeps marching along at an even pace as it always has, but it's either dragging or flying or somewhere in between based on what we're doing. Wouldn't it be great to find activities that you can do for hours and you look at the clock and are surprised by how LITTLE time has passed?
2020-12-21 02:55:46
This is exactly what I was thinking about when juxtaposing the map of time vs the experience of it.
2020-12-21 15:07:39