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Seven screens 2020-12-21 19:35:44

I shared a picture with folks in the 200WAD migration Telegram group showing my home-office set-up dubbed "Mission Control." I stepped back and counted the number of screens that I sit in front of on a daily basis and that number is seven.

My iPad mini and iPhone are with me pretty much wherever I go. These are my main devices for content consumption. My MacBook Air is the perennial favorite for content creation. It's the device where I do most of my writing. These three screens are my personal devices.

I have two 24" wide-screen monitors that I've had ever since I started working as a consultant six years ago. You cannot work properly on a laptop for any length of time, and I got a deal on two Dell monitors that I could not pass up. For my one client, I cannot seem to extend the virtual desktop to span over the two monitors, so I use the other one for other tasks. It's very handy when I am delivering a presentation to see the preview of the slide deck on one monitor while the presentation displays on the other one.

I have two additional 24" wide-screen monitors that were sent to me by my second client (along with a laptop) back in May. Since it is a dedicated laptop and not a virtual one, I am able to use both screens fully. 
I'm sure one might inquire about the health of my eyes after looking at all these screens all day. I do wear "gamer glasses" with yellow lenses that help reduce eye strain. After today, I'll be on vacation for two weeks and no more seven screens for awhile.

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I feel like with this setup you don't require as many browser-tabs/software? So instead of command+tabing between different software, you probably just move your head from screen to screen? 

Or do you have also stacks of software and browser-tabs within each screen? lol
2020-12-22 16:47:44
I've never been a huge browser tab person. I like separate windows for side-by-side comparisons. Unfortunately, I can't avoid tabs with the particular web-based software that I use. I am also guilty of having multiple Excel spreadsheets open simultaneously. 
2020-12-22 18:04:32
my handle on Telegram is @seunoyebode 
2020-12-25 22:52:10