The perfect way is a myth 2021-01-29 20:21:56

The idea that there is a somehow a perfect way to do things — to engage the people we aim to serve, to build a product, to live a life — is a myth.

We live in an eclectic society, which is to say that what works well for someone, may not work well for you. What works well for your team, may not work for someone else’s team. What works well for the people someone else is serving may not work for the people you aim to serve.

The sooner you internalize this truth, the less you will find yourself needing to compare against others, the easier it will be for you to envision and forge a way forward — not the perfect way (because it doesn’t exist), but the way that works specifically for you, your team, and the people that you aim to serve.
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William Liao

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