InertiaJS 2021-02-03 21:21:26

I have always worked on legacy codebases in the two places I've worked. Been out of a job, I've had the luxury of working with new tech stacks.

InertiaJs stack of Laravel and VueJS has brought back the joy of coding. The simplicity and yet the power it gives is amazing. All the benefits of a Single Page Application yet without the hassle. And also, It affords me the joy of work with a shiny stack whilst building prowess in already established frameworks Laravel and Vue. Most programmers love working with shiny new tech, I can't say if it's a curse or a blessing. LOL.

InertiaJS is going to be my preferred stack for a long time coming.

Seun Oyebode

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what made you decide inertia? i know you were considering livewire as well
2021-02-03 21:31:40
Thank You, it feels great to be back.

Yeah, Livewire is relatively new over here, in fact, it is non-existent. Meanwhile, Laravel + Vue is still as hot as ever.
2021-02-04 07:07:56
Oh of course. I should've known. Inertia's got that seamless Vue + Laravel integration
2021-02-04 15:39:18