As I Wake Up, The Richest Man In The World Goes To Bed 2021-02-04 14:25:08

10 PM (PT). 

That's the time the Good Time Show starts on Clubhouse. By that time, it's 7 am the next day for me in Nigeria. Elon Musk was the guest last Sunday night (Monday morning for me) so I guessed that's about the timezone Elon Musk is in also.

This morning (Thursday, Feb 4), Elon Musk for whatever reason tweeted about Dogecoin. A meme-inspired cryptocurrency. Most of the Crypto guys weren't awake. Some that were awake were saying they aren't going to bed anytime soon to experience the full effects of Elon's tweets.

I was about to flip my laptop open and start for the work for the day when I saw Elon's first tweet. I was elated. I had bought Dogecoin on the high, during the last spike. I needed to get out, it's been days of mind-crushing lows, but I didn't sell. Here's Elon Musk pumping this useless coin. 

It's my day.

Dogecoin rose over 50%. I was able to get out of out without a scratch.

By the time Elon stopped tweeting, the spike was coming down and I was happy the event met me awake.

Seven hours later, more Americans are awake, but the event is over. Kind of.

Just like I was happy to listen to Elon when he was being interviewed on Clubhouse. I was happy to be awake when he was pumping Dogecoin. Then I thought to myself, perhaps that's the benefit of being at a timezone that's waking up when the world's richest man is going to bed.

Seun Oyebode

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Interesting take on the effects of timezones. I had a fellow writer who once wrote a story called DST predicated around the idea of what different things could happen on a day where the day light savings time comes in. I think it means that you get an extra hour or you lose one. I can never remember actually lol.
2021-02-04 15:44:46