What connection creates 2021-02-05 19:14:30

Connecting with a diverse group of people creates the possibility for three things to happen: 

  1. The possibility for every idea where common ground is found on to become ignited with energy and excitement.
  2. The possibility for every nuanced perspective shared to foster everyone’s ability to think in bigger, more abstract terms which substantially aids the formulation of more impactful ideas. 
  3. The possibility for the energy plus the ideas everyone gains to activate a newfound propensity for taking action, successfully creating change, and serving those that you all aim to serve.

Connection is about the person you and the people around you become when you’re together, and the extent to which this process of becoming helps everyone take action and flourish. 

William Liao

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Connection happens 1-1 person at a time. I think this is what general social media gets wrong about connection. They think it's a quantity game vs a quality game. They think it's a topical game of connecting people with shared interests vs a narrative driven game of connecting people with similar/varying stories that allow each other to see more in themselves that they couldn't before. They think it's a --- this list could go on 
2021-02-06 13:52:17