Asking more beautiful questions 2021-02-09 14:36:57

In his book A More Beautiful Question, Warren Berger posits that solving problems starts with asking beautiful questions as defined here:

“A beautiful question is an ambitious yet actionable question that can begin to shift the way we perceive or think about something — and that might serve as a catalyst to bring about change.”

A beautiful question that will help you better understand current and past realities is “why?”

A perhaps more beautiful question that potentiates new possibilities is “why not?”

As you go into the rest of your day, consider that there may be an even more beautiful question still that gets to the essence of the people you aim to serve and the problems you aim to solve that, when you discover and ask it, will lead you on a path that makes all the difference.

William Liao

What is the work for? Meeting people where they are at
Big fan of A More Beautiful Question here. Always loved collecting beautiful questions myself. In fact, I find answers—even great ones—to be more limiting than a beautiful question, don't you think?
2021-02-11 08:05:22
I believe that questions are more general purposable. Kind of like in software there are some classes/objects are written more abstractly which allows way more people to use it. 

Like in Laravel there is a collection object and anyone can use it who wants to  group related objects in a beefed up array.

However once you take that collection and turn it into let's say a PostCollection now it's less general purposeable. 

Questions I've been beginning to see are like the former. While the answers are more contextualized like the latter. Often times when I find someone giving answers, I try to reverse engineer what their question had been that led to such.
2021-02-12 19:20:14