What's this Clubhouse? 2021-02-11 17:17:04

I have seen some references to something called Clubhouse. Even 
reference it in one of his posts. I saw a headline that Mark Cuban seems to be investing big in the platform. I have no idea what it is. Does someone have a short phrase like "the AirBnB of hourly motel room rentals" that can explain to me what this is and whether I should care? I am wary of some newfangled platform that has the potential to take up my time.

I kicked Instagram to the curb for this reason. Photos and videos are not my primary media, so I did not find it to be a good outlet to share my content. I also did not find much of a benefit in the content I was seeing. I should do the same with LinkedIn, since there doesn't appear to be much there for me either (other than helping Sir Abe and I enroll in Grand Canyon University.)  I'm on the fence with Twitter. I may try exploring that medium to grow my audience. Facebook remains the platform where I find the biggest audience, especially for Be Wellthy.

I'm also experimenting with a Telegram broadcast channel at the suggestion of
 to create less friction for people who want a laugh or want to be appalled by The Brandonian Doctrine. 

Brandon Wilson

Imploding the mirage Delicious irony
Clubhouse, is a place to reveal off you think in conversation. If you're good at real-time conversation, clubhouse will be good for you. People will show up to listen. Twitter is about how pithy you can think in text. Insta is about how well you can tell a story in photos. Both are still showing off how you think.
2021-02-11 17:21:09
The clubhouse is real-time conversation - not recorded. You can create a room and invite others to join you. Your ability to determine who should be allowed to talk ( you can make some people audience only ) -- also shows how well you can think and how connected you are or are willing to be.
2021-02-11 17:31:04
Right now I believe Clubhouse is good for engaging real time convos. Soon it will devolve into just strawperson screaming matches.

Btw wondering how
would describe it. So far I noticed that they're great at short zingers.

2021-02-11 17:38:00
Clubhouse is something like a live podcast without the recording, where audience can join and leave at will.

Listening audience can raise their hand to join in the conversation 
2021-02-11 17:50:25
Thanks for the info. It sounds lame to me. I'm not interested in consuming LIVE anything. No live TV, radio, FB Live, none of it. I want the control of consuming content on my timeline with the ability to fast-forward if things get boring. As far as producing content, perhaps something to explore down the line. 
2021-02-11 18:27:09
 -- but, imagine you're listening to somebody who's work you respect -- and they ask the audience - anybody have expertise with X -- and you suddenly are relevant -- so you chime in - then you're answering their questions.
2021-02-11 23:31:55
that seems like the opposite of what Taleb and Ravikant recommend. Which is spend a lot of time waiting for asymetric upsides. in this case this is an asymetrically small upside for the amount of time you'd need to dedicate sitting in clubhouse lol

2021-02-11 23:36:30
I initially brushed it off as a glorified dial-in conference call on an app, but liking Clubhouse so far after some use. Feels like an interesting mash between the listening feel of radio, the niche content of podcasts, and the unrehearsed authenticity of a real conversation. 

I think it works well in situations where one would listen to radio, eg driving, where you dont really care how it goes, not to hung up on getting to the content fast.
2021-02-12 04:30:24