Wonderful arguments 2021-02-11 18:42:01

An argument is what happens when someone cares enough about a subject, a problem, or a mission, that they make a point to express their opposing views.

It’s possible to be in a tension-free, 100%-agreeable workplace where no arguments happen — though that is cause for concern because it’s unlikely that everyone shares an identical perspective.

When arguments do happen, it’s possible to have bad ones that go nowhere — the kind that, through some combination of poor wording, senses of insecurity, subtle-yet-noticeable shifts in tone, or questionable implementations of logic, leave no one open to hearing different views or willing to changing their mind.

A final, more promising possibility, is the prospect of having wonderful arguments — the kind where there is a supportive-enough culture that allows for all parties feel mutual respect for each other, to feel comfortable putting their ideas on display, to be willing to debate, and to be open to changing their minds when decidedly better ideas come to surface.

The best ideas and solutions almost certainly do not come from of places with no tension or from bad arguments. Instead they come from cultures that have figured out how to embrace the productive competition of ideas that is powered by wonderful arguments.

William Liao

Meeting people where they are at Dynamism
Your analysis is spot on. And this is why things are so fucked up and polarized, because people DO have dissenting points of view, but the environment prioritizes agreeableness over even mild disagreement.
So now we only have room for a) no argument or b) bad arguments.
Who the hell can debate anymore without being called a Nazi, communist, or a graverobber? 

2021-02-11 23:43:04
 this why I'm weary of where western culture is headed w.r.t. political correctness. Criminalizing disagreeableness inherently subdues the culture and creates a chilling, monotonic version of reality where any deviation presents the risk of signing your own death warrant. 
2021-02-12 15:47:13
And there is only one real alternative to monotonous reality; violence.
2021-02-16 20:52:10