Tonight (A Rant) 2021-02-15 22:46:05

Tonight is one of those nights, you're either angry with yourself for being a Nigerian or you just find a glimmer of hope to hold on to.

Power (electricity) has been bad on my street for about 72 hours now. Today was the tipping point, I've used the remaining fuel in the Generator to charge my devices in the afternoon.

It's 11:41pm right now, there's so much heat - we're still waiting for the first rain of the year on this side of Lagos, and there's no light and obviously no alternate source (they are all used up).

We have two alternate power source. An inverter and a generator. The inverter is used because it needs power to charge. The generator, well, it consumes fuel, so you gotta be smart with that one.

My productivity is down to zero tonight. Productivity is a thing when the environment is set or at least half-set.

I'm very angry right now, but I won't give up on Nigeria just yet.

At least, not tonight.

Seun Oyebode

Just In Case and Just In Time Start Small
This sounds awful and gives me an appreciation for not facing these challenges. 
2021-02-16 00:40:02
Nigeria lives to fight another day!
2021-02-16 04:24:16
Shit man I always forget about the difference in internet/electricity availability. I remember one time was when you were barely maintaining your streak on the old 200WAD and then you wrote a post about how you had to walk somewhere to charge your mobile device to then use that to post.

Hope the conditions improve over the next few days. Sorry about
and I always piling on you without always knowing your circumstances. 


2021-02-16 15:04:56