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The train Waiting for our driver Slowly waking up I am trying to write. Damn damn Watching How I met your mother today Today DAmn John Prine Lately chess openings Untitled Shared at Jan 27, 2022 free writing hungover Untitled Shared at Feb 08, 2022 dailynotes daily Untitled Shared at Feb 13, 2022 Untitled Shared at Feb 23, 2022 Untitled Shared at Feb 24, 2022 Lemons Italian Today paradais Dogital brain Untitled Shared at Mar 30, 2022 Untitled Shared at Apr 07, 2022 Tired today Notes of the day Art The end of holiday I want Daily Use is useless Thoughts Rant finish the dame thing Daily Daily Daily Distracted Right now (drunk a bit) Damn daily Daily Lost a thought Steak Today Today Sperm and Clarity Daily Weird place writing ideas good at right now Notes or worries Today Today tiny Things I like today