Hilltop Park
So you mentioned in the meeting how you wondered someone would get captivated by a novel like this.

Let's assume you're doing a good job echoing -- I never read the original -- then here's what I like about this.

What draws me in are caring about the character.
Why do I care about this character? The things they're involved in. Encryption. Secret meetings. Meeting in dingy places I would hang out. There's some relatability here.

Maybe back in the day everything in the 
made the fans feel that way. Being part of a secret like we were talking about.

Although I believe that 'being part of a secret' or a special club is now a loaded term. You don't know what somebody means when they say that. Like do they mean people who force 
Infinite Jest
onto themselves to feel smart? Or is it just that they actually inherently like obscure and niche things?
Abraham Kim