Failure accountability buddy
I think it takes a combination of humility+confidence to pull off extracting this much value from failure.

It's a hard combination to pull off, because usually humility is associated with low confidence and high confidene usually associated with narcissism.

Reason for humility is required is because without humility I don't think we can actually see failure fast enough. Failure -- besides ultimate biological failure like dying or letting people near us die -- is mostly a subjective thing. Getting a paydowngrade from 105 K a year to 94 K a year in the states might be seen as a failure. Someone in
might not. 

Without humility we blind ourselves to what our true failures are. We make up stories for why X was a success when maybe if we were more honest with ourselves we'd admit it was a failure. Like wise we might think that Y is a failure when actually if we were more honest it is the beginning of a success if we allow it.

And without confidence I don't think we have the fuel to keep trying. To keep being open to failure.
Abraham Kim