Google Chrome
Missed a Day
BTW I remember you saying that you would think it's cool to have notetaking features.

If you're using a 
Google Chrome
based browser like chrome -- obviously -- or 
Brave Browser
, then you can use the characters [[ to invoke 'topics'. For example I've written a lot about 
 as a topic. You can click any of these topics and see the linked posts/coments.
Abraham Kim
Laptop down!
Some people are banking on the world of work shifting more towards browser as default environment. Here is one such startup banking on that:

They basically run
Google Chrome
for you on super powered servers that run all the processing and you simply stream it from your device. This means you can have a 'dumb' client-computer and still have the super powers of a uber machine. so long as you have stable and fast internet.

Abraham Kim