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Now that so many creators share their process online it's become no mystery that constraints are beneficial to the creative process. However just like commonly accepted ideas such as  reverse psychology or "sleep is important", I think most of us fail to actually take this accepted idea and apply it.

False productivity signals
I used to love that quote by 
50 Cent
! I used to love that sentiment from other high performers as well.

I admit that there was once a phase in my life where I thought it was reasonable to get only four hours of sleep a night. Of course I could never manage it because I'd either end up sleeping in or taking naps during the day.

But if you were to ask me what my plan was I would straightface tell you that I want to sleep four hours a night so that I could work like a hustler. What the hell was I trying to work on during that time with such a ridiculous regimen? I can't even tell you. 

I do think that one of the greatest privileges that a person can have in the world of productivity is a lack of a need for sleep. Some people generally just do well with less than others.
Abraham Kim