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Coffee & Cookies. Level 1 rhyme.

Brian Ball last shared their writing From a visit with the muse.

“It’s so dark, I thought to myself as I pushed myself up out of bed and stumbled toward the bathroom. What time is it? What day? I know it’s the new year, 2022, but man this is starting off weird.”

TS: Jan 4, 2021 04:12 p.m.
Brian's Pantry
🥟 3 Dumplings
🍺 4 Beers
🧇 1 Waffle
🍪 1 Cookie
🍵 4 Teas
🥃 2 Whiskeys
🥓 1 Bacon
🍊 3 Tangerines
🥚 2 Eggs
🍍 2 Pineapples
🍫 1 Chocolate Bar

Start. Stop. ReStart.

It's okay to start over.

Permission to start over means you can start the project and get much of the way through and stop.  You start. You stop.

Maybe you finished. But stopping doesn't mean you finished. For that matter, finishing doesn't mean you stop.

Separate the ideas of stopping with finishing. Stopping...
2021-01-06 23:05:02