Silly life stories

This site and the final demise of livejournal made me reflect on all the superfluous stories that make up our lives. Like, I don't know that every one of them needs to be documented or if people should just have their letters burned when they die. But I just think a lot about how there are so many anecdotes that I've come to realize are sort of important to me; random things I did at some past moment, that will be lost to memory short of someone who was there at the time remembering how it was and speaking up. 

It's making me think about memoir, which feels way too haughty to truly consider. But I do want to write some stuff down while I remember it, because there are all sorts of things I've grown to redact as I've gotten older, for feeling like the details are superfluous and often they are. Except, there are things I really want to dredge up and at least leave as a permanent record for myself. In so much as anything is permanent.