Philipp Haidenbauer @phaidenbauer

Senior Full Stack Web Developer and Voluntary Paramedic

Philipp Haidenbauer last shared their writing Living in the USA?
So I've been a few days inΒ  Miami now. I travelled here with my uncle and my best friend to smoke some cigars and have a fantastic vacation . I'm really enjoying the trip but skip on today's "cigar lounge sitting", so I've got some time in the Airbnb on...
Philipp's Pantry
πŸ₯ƒ 11 Whiskeys
🍣 7 Sushis
🍍 6 Pineapples
πŸ₯© 16 Steaks
πŸ₯š 6 Eggs
🍊 10 Tangerines
πŸͺ 13 Cookies
🍺 15 Beers
🍡 9 Teas
πŸ₯“ 3 Bacons
β˜•οΈ 9 Coffees
🍫 8 Chocolate Bars
πŸ§‡ 6 Waffles
πŸ₯Ÿ 7 Dumplings
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