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🍪 10 Cookies
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Life Change - Tracking

As I wrote yesterday (, I want to track some statistics from my life. Right after writing, I went to the bathroom to get my Fitbit scale. Using the Fitbit API isn't complicated, and I quickly pulled the weight and other body data from it.

But, my scale is too old....
2022-06-21 16:46:07

Life Change

Since I was around ten years old, my love for food was somehow amplified. I started to eat more, and with more came along "bad" food. I fell for popcorn , potato chips and chocolate . Although my braces set a limit on the chocolate input (since then, eating "normal"...
2022-06-20 16:53:58

Cigar event in Florida

A few weeks ago, I was visiting my Grandmother. Since my aunt and uncle were also at her house, I had a cigar with my uncle (he was probably the one that sparked the interest in cigars a few years ago).

After a while, my aunt joined us and asked if...
2022-06-18 06:34:47

13 Reasons Why

So, two episodes ago, I started watching 13 Reasons Why ("Tote Mädchen Lügen Nicht" - "Dead Girls don't lie"). It has been on my watchlist since it came out. I remember it releasing an enormous “scream” in public.

But I came back to it a different way. Recently I started binging...
2022-06-09 18:16:45

A bad sleeping habit

Recently I started to use a lousy sleeping pattern again. I got 26°C in my sleeping room, so I'm already sleeping really bad (I need to fix the AC ASP).

But besides the heat, my nose is still completely clogged as a side effect of my allergies and as left over...
2022-06-08 08:57:36

I caught it

It has been a while since I have written here. Nothing special about it, I just didn't find the time or muse to craft something. Well, that changed on Monday.

After more than two years of a global pandemic   COVID arrived in my body. I'm not sure where I picked it...
2022-06-01 07:58:07

Cruise Upcoming

I was just at the test centre to get a COVID PCR Test . I'm not feeling sick, but I needed to board a cruise ship on Saturday in Venice . I will finally enjoy an 8-day vacation on the Mediterranean sea .

I have been looking forward to this since...
2022-03-31 16:27:08

The last letter

About two weeks ago, my grandmother was visiting my parents again. Since my grandfather died at the end of February, she visits about twice a month now. Every time she stays around a week at my parents' house.

I was in the middle of a paramedic duty, so I only had...
2022-03-25 16:51:18


Two of my neighbours have children. One has them in the range below kindergarten. The other ones are probably near school age or already in school. 

One of the older ones has his friends over. Of course, there is screaming, and I don't have a problem with loud children as...
2022-03-24 15:04:08

Bred to suffer (or about a puppy/dog)

Years back I saw Cats & Dogs on VHS . Ever since I have been obsessed with dogs and in a hate relationship with cats . I can remember myself wanting a puppy but ever never got one. I did get a greek tortoise when I was in elementary school...
2022-03-23 15:22:24