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"Do you need to stock up on toilet paper? It's on coupon right now."

"Sure might as well."

"You can just take it out of the cost for those racks I asked about."

"I can't find the one you sent for $34.99. When I search for that exact one on Amazon, I see...
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🍣 20 Sushis
🧇 20 Waffles
🥟 16 Dumplings
🍪 12 Cookies
🥚 24 Eggs
🍓 9 Strawberries
🥓 25 Bacons
🍺 20 Beers
🍫 18 Chocolate Bars
🥃 21 Whiskeys
☕️ 22 Coffees
🥩 17 Steaks
🍊 19 Tangerines
🍵 21 Teas
🍍 15 Pineapples

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Okay, I'll give it a shot (for the second time) since there is a short list of people who qualify. I'll even give you a few takeaways for your money's worth.

Most people do not care about your streak or habits.
I usually only bring up my writing streak to note certain...
2020-12-12 01:44:33

Where is Apple Music for TV shows and movies?

abrahamKim asked me about what I was referring to with the "golden age of podcasts." I look at it from a consumer standpoint, and perhaps the best example is Apple Music.

Here's the problem with music listening in the past. I want to listen...
2020-12-09 15:01:59

So much for Joe Rogan

On November 25, Joe Rogan tweeted that starting December 1st, all new JRE episodes will be exclusively on Spotify. I confirmed this is true when I checked my podcast app Overcast and saw that the last episode available was #1571 released on 11/27.

The internet was buzzing over the weekend when...
2020-12-07 18:52:08

At the grocery store

I just returned from the grocery store, where it seems the cost is now the equivalent of a used car payment. And I live by myself! When did that happen? Good thing I don't have a car payment. This reminds me of the good ol' days when a great deal...
2020-12-06 19:52:05