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started 2020-12-13 23:05:43
Things related to an old site some of us belonged to.
My Feelings when Viewing my Earliest Posts
I'm planning to write a script to let 200WAD writers import their old posts onto here. I think it would make for a good portal to nostalgia for us old timers. To get a hit of this nostalgia myself, I went over there to read some of my earliest posts...
How I found 200WAD
I'm grateful that 200WAD is closing in the winter. If it were warm and sunny I would feel less sentimental. This is because this cold, this snow, and these early nights take me back to my feelings at the close of 2018, which had been for me a bad year.

Different Reasons for Streaking -- featuring Jerry Seinfeld
The other day I listened to Jerry Seinfeld on Tim Ferriss.

Internet Makers often refer to Seinfeld is often as an advocate for consistent practice. Just go search don't break the chain and see how much content shows up. So when he started talking about consistency I didn't expect to be...
Welcome Brian Ball
Glad to have brianball give Adagia a shot. He and I have had many conversations, some of them lasting over an hour, back when 200WAD was in it's heyday. He was pretty pivotal in sparking many of the community initiatives back then alongside...