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My Feelings when Viewing my Earliest Posts 2020-12-13 23:29:54

I'm planning to write a script to let 200WAD writers import their old posts onto here. I think it would make for a good portal to nostalgia for us old timers. To get a hit of this nostalgia myself, I went over there to read some of my earliest posts few nights back.

It was the winter of 2018-2019. My posts were almost exclusively fiction. I was transported back to when I had just joined the site because I had been mesmerized to have found Tim Subiaco -- just a regular anonymous person out there just like me -- writing a novella in public on this small, obscure site. I'd been trying to develop a writing habit for year by this point, and I'd tried a bunch of failed strategies, so when I saw a website marketing 200 Words A Day as its strategy, I was game.

I read some series of posts... short stories I was working on. I could feel exactly what my intentions had been back then. I was hit with two polar but balancing sentiments. Wow I really like this stuff still. It's honest and still resonates with me now and Wow, why didn't I just continue this for the past two years? I could've actually wrote this to a finish... something that I could share rather than a work in progress.

Neither a good or bad reaction. But a strong one. The kind that makes me reflect much more carefully on my next steps.

Much more carefully... and this is not just about writing.

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200 Words a Day

I look back at my early stuff and think, wow not very good. But then again, it was mostly free-writing.
2020-12-14 15:54:01
Lol I definitely feel this same way when I look back at my old non-fiction on there. I read them kind of cringing.
2020-12-14 16:42:11
Interesting that you state you were mostly free-writing back then. Would you be willing to share a breakdown of your process from free-writing/brainstorming stage until deliverable -- whether that be a post or a newsletter or etc.
2020-12-14 16:43:07