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Documenting Adagia
Abraham Kim
After two weeks
Because 200WAD was coming to a close I spun up this site. At first two others in the community -- including jasonleow -- were working on spinoffs. Each spinoff had its own goals and values. For...
ProtoIdea for social-streaks
I've always found the social component of 200WAD as its main driver of consistency. Baz even wrote some extra features for therealbrandonwilson 's TeamStreak, which included writers who had a minimum of 30 days on their current...
After Four Weeks
I'm happy to see we have a tiny crew of regulars here. I actually look forward to coming here to see what discourse has brewed while i was gone. It feels like a little corner of home* that I remember 200WAD feeling like.

I actually like that we are currently invite-only...
After six weeks
Six weeks is a sweet spot when you are hopeful about the next possible steps but also feeling the growing backlog. This is the time where if the project hasn't died yet then just the right mixture of impatience and excitement might drive you to jump to acceleration. To double...
About Documenting Adagia
Sharing notes about this site as it goes along. Could be useful to others.